Monika Kuchyňová


Dancing music video creator is a tool that I designed for a song to create music video.

It combines two inputs - real-time video from depth camera and the song. It extracts the outline of the person who dances before the camera and it applies effects on this outline. These effects are responsive to the music that is being played to emphasize your dance moves. The output of this tool is a music video stored in mp4.



  • Processing

  • opencv: knihovna pro práci s obrazem

  • Kinect: hloubková kamera pro získání obrazového vstupu

  • KinectPV2: knihovna pro práci s kamerou

  • ffmpeg: program pro získání výstupního videa

  • processing.sound: knihovna pro práci se zvukem

Code Snippet


If you have an access to Kinect, you can download and run the Processing sketch and try it out yourself.

In order to run the code, you need to:

  • install Processing (3.5.4)

  • import libraries gab.opencv, KinectPV2, processing.sound

  • connect the Kinect depth camera

  • based on the room size you can tweak the maxD and minD variables changing the distance of the captured area form the sensor