Dorota Ľubocká


Boost up is web application designed to help people increase their confidence. Inspiration comes from the study which says the following: The way we present ourselves to the world affect not only those around us but ourselves as well. More precisely the way we act can positively or negatively affect our performance during important moments in life. 

To motivate user to action we use speeches about posture and confidence as a background. Another hint is in the speech bubbles. User gets feedback in form of a sound imitating live audience. This feedback is generated based on the posture of the user; the more confident pose means richer feedback. Feedback starts as a general sound of talking crowd and increases up to cheering, whistling and hollering. This way is person using the application forced to express confident pose for 30 seconds. Afterwards image from camera is exported as a memento of this experiment. Stay confident.



Code Snippet


The live demo is available in the P5 editor