Jana Navrkalová


Project Guitar Strings works with sound from the guitar, which is transformed into a visual form.

The motivation to create this project comes from the idea to connect two different fields. The first field is math and physics, where sound is represented as waves with frequency. The second field is creative visual expression. The visual output is composed of several sinus functions, which create waves with different frequencies and amplitudes depending on the input sound. We can liken these waves to the vibrating string on the guitar.



Code Snippet

As I am pretty new to this programming language I probably found interesting things which are for more advanced users simple or boring, but maybe someone can appreciate this.


The live demo is available in the P5 editor. The project can be launched by the run button. A user has to give permission to use a microphone. During visualization, the color of waves can be changed. The user can change every canal of RGB by pressing keys on the keyboard. Keys r, g, b decrease values of the RGB canals, and keys R, G, B increase values of the RGB canals.