Marie Bryjová


Noise Postcards is a project for generating unique and original postcards customized by the photo or picture given by the user. By Perlin noise are generated vectors which create a flow-field. Small particles are then following the flow-field starting from their position on the picture with the color of the starting pixel. This makes an effect as if the picture is melting. The finished output can be then send by and eventually make someone's day better.



Code Snippet

Part of a code which will make a vector from the noise-generated angle:

Where xoff, yoff are variables depending on a current row and column.


The live demo is available in the P5 editor

To give a user input you drag a photo to the screen. Sometimes the photo won't show on the first attempt, if that happened try to drag the photo again. To save the output you click on the generated picture or simply by right click and save as.

If you want to try another picture, you again drop it in as for the first one. You can also reload the page and start again.