Magdaléna Blažková


The idea of See the Synesthesia! is inspired by my own synesthesia, which is the ability to have more than one sense's reaction to stimulus. In my case it is the connection between sound and color. While trying to describe this trait to people I often get confused reactions, when they don't know what to imagine under it. So with this I tried to visualize my synesthesia, and only my synesthesia, because it works differently for different people.

Program works on AI for recognizing sound height and by that assign color to sound. Each sound is visualized by rectangle and according to speed of changing tones the rectangles are more or less full. You start the program by pressing play and then you must allow use of the microphone by it. It even works just for sound in headphones, but it can have slower response then. You can save a nice combination by pressing the mouse. On the beginning of draw() there are possible extra choices as blur and blend, but they slow the whole process.



Code Snippet

As I am pretty new to this programming language I probably found interesting things which are for more advanced users simple or boring, but maybe someone can appreciate this.


The live demo is available in the P5 editor